Support Addendum

1. Support Addendum

1.1 This Addendum sets out the Support Services.

1.2 If there is a reproducible defect in the SaaS Services that prevents them from performing in substantial conformance with the applicable Service Addendum, then JustGo shall use reasonable endeavours to fix the defect as soon as it practically can. A resolution to such a defect may consist of a fix, workaround or other relief reasonably determined by the JustGo’s customer support team.

1.3 The JustGo customer support team operating hours are as follows:

● Daily 23:30 – 17:00 Universal Time Coordinated (“UTC Period”): Sunday to Friday.

● Customer is given priority within its local business hours on Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00, but only to the extent those hours fall within the UTC Period.

1.4 Each Customer is assigned an account within the dedicated JustGo Support Service portal (“JustGo Service Desk”). Through the JustGo Service Desk the Customer is able to submit Support Service requests and monitor the resolution, updates and status of defects.

1.5 All Support Service requests are in the first instance investigated by the JustGo Service Desk and an internal priority level is assigned to each case. The priority level is dependent upon the severity of the advised defect, the impact on the SaaS Services to the Customer and its members. Associated with each priority level is an internal resolution period against which the JustGo Service Desk are monitored.

1.6 The JustGo Service Desk is responsible for overseeing and ensuring a timely resolution in accordance with JustGo’s internal resolution targets. When a Support Service request requires specialist help, the Support Service request will be assigned internally to appropriate teams. The JustGo Service Desk will continue to oversee progress and will remain the primary point of contact through to resolution.

1.7 Where a Support Service request requires further clarification from the Customer, the originator of the Support Service request will be emailed and the case updated in the JustGo Service Desk. All clarifications must be provided via email or through the JustGo Service Desk itself. No work will be undertaken until the Customer responds, so any delay in response will impact on the resolution time.

1.8 As soon as a Support Service request has been resolved the JustGo Service Desk will confirm resolution and email notification will be automatically sent and the Support Service request will be closed.

1.9 If JustGo responds to a Support Service request from the Customer and acting reasonably concludes there was no defect in the SaaS Services then JustGo may at its sole discretion charge the Customer at the Standard Charges for the time that was spent on the Support Service request.

1.10 If the Customer requests assistance, enhancements or support that do not fall within the scope of the Support Services then the Customer and JustGo may agree to carry out such work under a Work Request.

1.11 The Support Services do not include any defects which arise as a result of:

(a) incorrect operation or use of the Services by the Customer, or any Authorised User (including any failure to follow the AUP Addendum or failure to meet minimum specifications);

(b) use of any of the Services other than for the purposes for which they are intended;

(c) use of any Services with other software or services or on equipment with which it is incompatible (unless JustGo recommended or required the use of that other software or service or equipment);

(d) any act by any third party (including hacking or the introduction of any virus or malicious code);

(e) any modification of Services or Applications (other than those undertaken by JustGo or at its direction); or

(f) any breach of the Agreement by the Customer (or by any Authorised User).


Current Version: 2

Last Revision Date: 30th September 2021