Services Addendum

1. Services

1.1 The JustGo SaaS Services provided to Customer are detailed in the Sales Order(s). The SaaS Services may include one or more of the following solutions:

● JustGo Platform:

o A multi-tenanted solution designed to provide control, visibility, and communications capabilities to underpin a Governing Body or National Association’s member, membership, club, events, and communications requirements across multiple tiers e.g. governing body, regional, club, and member levels.

● JustGo for clubs:

o A single-tier solution either part of a Governing Body/National Association JustGo Platform or as a standalone solution that provides control, visibility, and communications capabilities to underpin a club’s member, membership, and communications requirements.

1.2 JustGo SaaS Services include the use of functionality, hosting, back-up, disaster recovery, and Support Services as defined in Terms.

2. Minimum Technical Requirements

2.1 SaaS Services are provided to Customer and its Users on the basis that the following Minimum Technical Requirements are adhered to:

● Internet Browser and their latest Version:

o Edge

o Firefox

o Chrome

o Safari

● Internet Connection Speeds:

o 2 MBPS or higher

● Screen Resolution:

o Optimum is 1366 x 768 and above

● Mobile and Tablet Devices:

o Apple Devices supporting Safari

o Android Devices supporting Chrome

2.2 Any deviation from the Minimum Technical Requirements will reduce the service provision and Azolve cannot guarantee the provision of the service outside this Minimum Technical Requirement.


Current Version: 2

Last Revision Date: 30th September 2021