Security Policy

1. Security

1.1 JustGo has ISO 27001 accreditation.

1.2 JustGo has in place suitable physical, electronic, and managerial procedures designed to keep the SaaS Services secure;

1.3 In addition, JustGo carries out the following processes and has in place the following controls:

● Proactive monitoring of core systems on a 24/7 basis;

● Secure network design;

● Scheduled centralised patch management on all systems covering both operating systems and common applications and services;

● Protection against viruses, zero-day, spyware, and suspicious activity (HIPS) through the implementation of a dedicated end-point security threat management system;

● Utilisation of HTTPS;

● Protection against common network threats including denial of service attacks;

● Active, ongoing risk management, security incident management, and security audit programme;

● Regular penetration and vulnerability testing;

● Encrypted passwords

● Data encryption at rest

● Periodic audits; and

● Restricted employee access to live environments.


Current Version: 2

Last Revision Date: 30th September 2021